Pepe Aguilar’s son is being trafficked in China

The son of the Zacatecan singer was given a bond of 15 thousand dollars and, among the conditions of his freedom, is not traveling to Mexico, official documents detail.

Real Estate Agencies: The son of Mexican singer Pepe Aguilar was arrested on March 14 in San Ysidro, California, for trafficking in Chinese citizens, which he carried in a Chrysler 200 vehicle with license plates from that state, according to information from the Customs and Excise Office. Border Protection (CBP).

Pepe Aguilar is about to issue a statement “in the near future” and asked that in the meantime the privacy of the family be respected, said the lawyers, headed by Jeremy Warren, who are in charge of the case of José Emiliano Aguilar, son of the singer, who was arrested For trafficking in persons.

However, until the closing of this edition, the interpreter did not offer any comment; He was even searched through his press office, but there was never an answer. His son is accused of attempting to enter the United States with four Chinese citizens in his trunk, his lawyers confirmed. Jose Emiliano, a US citizen, was arrested in the middle of the month at the border post of San Ysidro, California, but until yesterday it transpired that it is a son of the singer.

“We understand the interest in our client, José Aguilar, due to his father’s musical career. However, this case has nothing to do with Pepe Aguilar. José Aguilar is a young man who will respond to this matter before the court and not before the press, “the lawyers said in a message.

During the inspection, a canine team alerted to something suspicious in the trunk, reason why it was sent to the area of second revision. Four people, two men and two women, identified as Fenjiao Feng, Yuanzhang Lin, Lingling Tang and Yiming Wang, were found inside the luggage rack of the vehicle, who admitted to being Chinese and not having documents to legally enter the United States, details the accusation to Which was accessed.

During their statement, the group said they agreed to pay between “3,000 and 60,000 dollars” if they were able to enter the United States, the document states. “Hiding people in a vehicle is dangerous and could have serious consequences,” Pete Flores, head of CBP operations in San Diego, said in a statement.

The son of the Zacatecan singer was given a bond of 15 thousand dollars and, among the conditions of his freedom, is not travelling to Mexico, official documents detail. Both Aguilar and the group of Chinese citizens will have to appear before the court in mid-April to continue the process.

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